Stefanos on RADIO 

Hello Friends,

I am glad to inform you that my songs are now being played at the following radio stations:

Just enter the name "Stefanos" and click PLAY to hear my songs, see some of my pics etc.

On LOCATION:  Scroll down and select Middle East 

On GENRE:       Select POP to hear most of the CD “Always” songs, and “Una Madre” the Italian version of the song “Mother”.  

Select WORLD to listen to my single “Eritrean Boy”


Your brother,




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FUND RAISING CONCERT (A Song for Africa) Update.

Hello friends, I had intended for a fund raising concert entitled, “A Song for Africa” to take place here in Kuwait around November of this year, however, due to prevailing situations and logistics difficulties, the show may have to be postponed the sometime next year.

I will advise you of date/s and location when things are final.

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting, and please stay in touch for further updates. We will need your support when the time comes.

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Dear Friends, Just today I have received an invitation to to take part in the India Tour 2009 organized by W.O.A International, a leading global entertainment company representing major independent artists from around the world. I am therefore delighted to inform you that I will be performing in the beautiful resort of Goa, India on 31 October 2009. I will keep you posted with relevant photos and reviews of the show. Wish me luck Your brother, Stefanos


I am very excited about this new site hosted by Host Baby, where I hope to be able develop a strong fan base, sell my CDs, and establish a purpose for myself, musically speaking. With today’s technology at our disposal, it would be unwise not to take advantage of the possibilities of reaching so many people from all over the world, literally with the click of a mouse. It is almost magical how the world is constantly shrinking to bring us ever closer; and with music creating a bond, the chances for…

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